26 October 2008

Post-birthday pictures. : ) [updated]

at the sleepover.

surprise surprise. : )

[obviously]a very excited and happy monkey.

we had a hard time trying to get her to stop jumping.

reading off my card.

me card.

"this is like those postage thingies!!" says a certain monkey.

well i wanted to mosaic her face off... but on second thought... *wink* hahaha.

open it up!

*le gasp*!!

MEEP!!!! I'VE GOT....

LoL! tees BABEH!!

she's the only on in miri to have this version of LoL! tees, apart from moi and lala bear. for shiz. ; )

struttin' off her new style. : )

another one in store for her...

DANELL CD (obviously her favourite)

as she opens up the free 2009 calendar gift. : )

get ready coz here comes the waterworks...

stopping herself from over-bursting into tears.

reading off bellie's card.

*beloved danell CD* ^^

from zin!

figuring out how to open the very well-wrapped present. bwahahaha!

another tee!! : D

the morning after!

lala, still a bit whoozy after last night's "tiger fest". *evil smirk*

bday monkey and her pressies! ^_^

hope you had a great one, grizzy!

videos... UPLOADED!! : D

5 spilled milk:

tarotism said...

Memories like this could never be replaced nor be forgotten. Now, the last gathering before the great tests has finished and let's study hard!:)

Peace Out! XD

tarotism said...


J3NG said...

SO cute with perjamas
i mean la la with monkey
she cry .....
so cute......>.<

Anonymous said...

wow..I was going to buy the CD but my dompet too lil money to spent that much.Looking at ur guys' present I dunno if I should give her the present i bought..........

griz said...

thank you guys..!!! i lov you guys gao gao..!!!i will never ever going to forget this day of my life..!!! it's my sweetest 18th birthday..!! thank you all of you..!!