22 October 2008


"The dog ate my homework."

i SO wish i could say that everytime i look at the pile of things i have to deal with by the end of the week.

there are so many things driving me up the wall lately, i think i am about to go NUTS.

things to deal with:

1, To finish those blasted testimonials for the whole class. i am so WAY far behind with the work that if i don't start now i'll never finish. it's a wonder how rida's managed to have finished with her class'. i only have to deal with 21 people - her's is a mind-blowing FIFTY. O_O

2, To study... which is something that will take me ages to do. someone please motivate me.

3, To get my trial results as soon as possible. but if i can convince my parents to let me stay on until april then yay i don't have to bother. : )

4, To prepare for prom. DAMN i need just ONE more song. just ONE more. (no griselda i will not sing katy's i kissed a girl, no matter how much i love it too. hehe.)

5, To make up my mind: MASS COMMUNICATION @ TAYLOR'S or INTERIOR / GRAPHIC DESIGN @ RAFFLES. like, please, someone help me out with the mass communications thing? i really need a heads up on that because i really don't want to make the wrong choice... T_____________________T

6, To stop the feelings from overflowing. i do NOT need another one of these emotion-overdrive things happening to me when i am about to face my finals. charry please teach me the ways of blocking out them feelings. i am in desperate need of mastering that right now.

7, To catch up on my English Literature papers. the teacher made it sound so easy to score an A1, and yet whenever i work my ass off for the papers i always end up with a big fat B3. i did NOT sign up for another B on my results okay. but crying over spilled milk isn't going to help. so yes, i MUST work an extra overtime for this one. better to save it then let it fall. (wah so optimistic yes?)

aiyohhh. these things are driving me mad.

might go M.I.A. soon people. bear with me. (>_<)

3 spilled milk:

tarotism said...

Girl, relax lar! You'll finish them okie?

J3NG said...

You can do it !
Go Go Go

CharT said...

Ahah! That's why I didn't dare to take English Lit!

Meh I'm not doing so good right now either. People don't appreciate what you do for them and what shit you have to go through because of them. I hate people.

Hahaa. Sorry can't help you. Just can say don't think too much lah.