26 October 2008

Serene 詹雪琳 's Mini Concert @ Halo Cafe Miri (a photoblog).

About Serene 詹雪琳:

although she isn't a huge famous star, serene 詹雪琳's hidden talent in music shouldn't be kept in the dark from the rest of the world.

with an amazingly down-to-earth personality and a heart of gold, serene promotes music not for her own benifit but to help young musicians realise their dreams of becoming a skilled musician. she has been touring around malaysia and holding mini concerts and talks like these to give young musicians and enthusiasts an insight on how the music industry actually works.

with 2 albums ongoing and a music school under her belt, serene is more than any other rising star and her astonishingly strong love for music makes her stand out from the rest.

her song "Jane" is one of those lovely ballads that should be placed out there for the whole world to listen to. her soothing music and hauntingly beautiful lyrics blended into one is something worth sharing with the world.

ladies and gentlemen, i give you
Serene 詹雪琳. : )


The Peeps:

griz and zin.

lala and bellie.

gwen and griz.

[ sorry yong jeng... the picture i had of you is very blur. but you've been there, and you've been great - as always. : ) *kiss ]

The Event:

serene practically dragged one of us from the student's crowd on stage... and it just HAD to be me.

yeah you can just imagine how stiff and awkward i was upstage. heh.

me won game! me won game!! yayness! : )

i had to do expressions based on the music that serene was playing on the piano. it was really awkward at first but dang what the heck, i came from the drama team okay, no point in chicken-ing out. hehe.

in this picture, it was at that precise moment she LOOKED at me. LOOKED INTO MY EYES I SAY! no sh*t.

i like serene. she's a real good sport. : )

halfway through her singing she stopped and said "take as much pictures as you like! here ya go!" and she looked STRAIGHT. AT. MY. DIRECTION. AND. GAVE. ME. THIS. PICTURE.

squee. : )

say it with me now- marie marie marie digby look-alike! ^_^

signature time!

us and serene.

i look real bad in here but i don't care! : ))))))

a poster that i won from the game. (signed)

CDs that i got. (signed)

and what do we have here??

a RM100 voucher to an applicable course at Enya's School of Beauty and

so who'll be the lucky one to be following me to the recording session? we'll see. ; )

[ a huge thanks to deaney for giving me this opportunity. i couldn't thank you enough love. i really love you for this. *hugs* ^_^ ]

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tarotism said...

It's alright girl. So wish that we can be brought back to yesterday. Great moments, great people, great things and great songs. Love you che'lle!

Peace Out! XD