26 October 2008

A monkey's birthday.

in the group of friends that i have,
most of us own pets.

zin has cats;

bellie has pongee;

lala bear has jordan;

and i have [5 dogs and 3 ponds of fishes whose names i am too lazy to type out].

and yet,
although each of us own different pets at home,

all of us share one pet in common.

ever since the dawn of 2007,
we have become proud owners of a certain pet monkey.

and her name,

is griz.

griz arrived into our little family on a bright sun-shiny morning of febuary 2007. she came to us as a surprise and none of us thought that we'd get along with the new-comer in such a short period of time. but after a while she warmed up with all of us.

and as time passed, we got along with each other just fine. : )

she slowly became our family favourite. she's brought so much laughter and smiles into our lives, it's impossible to imagine life without her. the things that she does and the funny things that she says never cease to fill our hearts with joy and love. : )

who knew that such a tiny little thing would become such a dearest treasure to us.

i have spent more time with this gem than i could have every expected.

my first impression of this little critter is far from what i feel about her now. she is one of those who have taught me not to judge people based on first impressions because what they can do and who they really are can surprise you.

so how is she REALLY like, you ask?

quite frankly, griz is like joy-ride packed in a box.

one of her best charms is making everyone smile with her crazy and silly little antics. and she doesn't act all those out - it comes naturally to her. she may seem like the perfect girl; prim and proper like any other girl out there worth falling for, and yet it's her out-going and happy-go-lucky personality that set her apart from the rest.

that's what makes her so special to us all.

griz is by far one of the most optimistic people i have ever met.

she has had some dark days in her life, but she faces them with such integrity and strength - it's astounding.

and i admire her for that.

she has gone through so many things, and yet she plasters her face with one of the biggest smiles that anyone could ever throw the world. it's a wonder how someone who looks so fragile can prove to be so much stonger than she may seem.

our pet monkey has also proven herself worthy when she made us proud in becoming the assistant head deputy of the Special Functions and Finance Department in the School Prefectorial Board.

she's always been a responsible one. dedicated to the bone, she has never let any obstacle pull her down.

in our school, it's been known that people who become part of the prefectorial board would somehow, in one way or another, change due to the political competition going on between the students.

but she is one of those who still stay as she was.

and we love her for that. : )

my faithful companion whenever there's an education fair going on.

i never need to doubt her trust. i'm blessed to know someone like her whom i can always share my problems and feelings with because she will never judge me like other people would. she would listen to me whenever i need her.

and i would always go an extra mile for her because of it.

shamelessly rummaging through teachers' drawers in search of free biosilk sanitary pads. XD

our monkey monkey is never afraid to be who she is.

no matter if it comes to being really silly or utterly mad, she just does what she does best - being herself.

she doesn't care about what others think and she doesn't mind what people would say. she would just straight out do whatever she thinks is okay.

does not give in to peer pressure. : )

her prized moment: the day she was freed from the horrors of braces which she endured for 5 years (or more). our monkey's finally got pretty-pretty dentals! : )

we've all grown together and learned so much about life,
it's impossible having to imagine life without her.

and right here,
right now,

i'm dedicating this post
to one of the most lovable person on the face of this earth.

we love you gao gao monkeyface griz. and don't you ever dare forget that. in time we know that we would go our separate ways in life. but whenever you're feeling alone and down, remember this post and remember us, your family for life.

thanks griz, for being one of the most cherished friends i could ever ask for.

And we will only need each other, we'll bleed together,
Our hands will not be taught to hold another's,
When we're the special two.
And we could only see each other, we'll bleed together,
These arms will not be taught to need another,
'Cause we were the special two.

-"The Special Two" by Missy Higgins.

p/s griz if you are reading this i know you're lauging you head off because of all the *unique* pictures i have of you here. but with all honestly i think all these pictures in this birthday post may possibly ruin your reputation and image to thousands and hundreds of people who're reading this.

... but i know you're still going to love me for it.


: )

2 spilled milk:

tiff pan said...

ahhaha i would really like to meet griselda one day soon: ) she seems like an awesome person to know! you are blessed.and she is blessed too for getting to hang out with you everyday! haha i should pay you both a visit sometime.miss you.

griz said...

thanks michellious..!!!! i also lov u guys gao gao..!!! thank you for everything..!!!