16 October 2008

Cranky like an old hag.

i feel so grouchy and emotional all of the sudden, it feels literally interesting that i could be so grateful about life one moment and suddenly become so annoyed with the complications of life the next.

i dwell in other people's cries for help so i don't have to think about my own.

i drown myself with time-consuming things so i don't have to think about finals.

i kill time thinking about people *cough cough* so i don't have to think about college.

i wonder about the complications of relationships between people so i don't have to think about my own relationships with those around me.

i crank up the volume on my iPod so i don't have to hear what other people have to say.

i scream silently in my head so i don't have to deal with the silence that bothers me with questions.


it feels really irritating when the problems about everything come flooding back into my head. i block them away, pushing them to the back of my head so that i won't have to worry to much but occasionally, it's days like these that it comes back to haunt me.

sometimes life isn't always pretty.

but on the other hand, no one ever said that it was going to be easy.

grr. if you need me i'll be in the corner devouring hennesey and vodka.


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