18 October 2008


you know,

sometimes i find it interesting

that so many unexpected things happen to me

because of my blog.

and most of the time,

i love it.

and i feel privileged

and blessed

to have been given opportunities that were not given to others.

and it's all because of my blog. : )

i'm not going to say much about what happened,

(because i believe in jinxes still. hehe)

but when all things are confirmed soon,

i will tell. : )

2 spilled milk:

Derek said...

Hehe... It's all great! Gald to hear you are having a great time and enjoying! hehe... Have fun and God bless! And you wanted me address? haha... It's Siemensstrasse 19, 66123 Saarbruecken. haha. Give me yours too. I will send something back. hehe.. oh, write my surname. Cause that's how they recognise us... haha...

Anonymous said...

Hehhe, I'm interested to know! ~