19 September 2008

The train underground.

if i would dream of a dream,
it would be a dream of a train.

it would all start at the train station.

i would be standing there, oblivious as to where i should head to. i would apparently have no idea where to go because i had never been to places. but i would just go with my instinct anyway.

i would board the train and squeeze into the crowd. there wouldn't be any empty seats for myself and i would have to stand in between the people who are rushing to get to their destinations. in the crowded space, i would stand out like an odd-ball. everyone would be in their working clothes and polished shoes whereas i, clueless as to what i'm even DOING on a train that's headed to the south of nowhere, would be wearing my usual tee with my baggy pants too long to fit and my old pair of kappa sneakers.

and it would end like that.
just like that.

first, the boarding.
then the waiting.

just me

against the world.

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