25 September 2008

Text, overflowing.

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omg i'd never thought i'd see the day that my inbox would be too full to receive any more.

(>_<) but i don't want to delete all the lovely messages from people!! T_T i mean, there are so many sweet things that people send over to me. how could i POSSIBLY delete them? like, seriously. they're the very reason for my existence. they keep me sane when i'm upset!!

for instance:
Its nice hearing my daughter's voice again! Really missed you, you know. You take care of yourself too. And study hard - just for these few months! Talk to you again soon hon. Love ya! :D
-Daddy Kerrie @ 28-Aug-08, 22:39

Haha! Nah u're more to sweetie pie :)
-Bellie @ 02-Aug-08, 20:35

I'm at GK and i cant stop laughing because of you! Enough ler.. See ya 2mr! Muacks!! ;-x
-Prof Drake @ 30-Jul-08, 19:41

Crunchyroll. Later are u going online? Haha im bored.
-May Kay @ 30-May-08, 19:54

Hey girl. Heading school dy? Haha. Sorry last night i too tired, exhausted. You re a good fren. :-)
-Hayley Yen Ru @ 26-Apr-08, 07:58

U look pro gal!
-Ning @ 29-mar-08, 18:40

Thanks girl. Kinda touched.
-Phyllis Su Pink @ 29-Feb-08, 19:32

Morning kiddo! Im really going to miss you...
-Daddy Kerrie @ 28-Feb-08, 16:34

Haha..i cant hug you now...wat i can do is wish you merry christmas...
-Zin @ 24-Dec-07, 23:59

...and those that make me laugh...

Say '你好!' to carry!
(actually she meant Kerrie but she misspelt. lol)
-Mummy @ 26-Jul-08, 16:15

Happy Pantene Day! :D
-Bellie @ 22-Jul-08, 19:58

哈哈 XD 听起来很有道理又很好笑,没关系!总有机会的!拜拜我要开车了!
-秀凤师 @ 25-Apr-08, 21:23

... and my bday messages...

Happy happy birthday lovie! Have a good one :)
-Michelle Hee @ 16-Jul-08, 18:36

Chelley, i'm here to wish you happy birthday! My wish can make you a better fortune and it will increases ur sex hormones! :D
-Bellie @ 16-Jul-08, 16:37

...and those encouraging ones...

haha..u must shw ths strut ur doing so i can judge 4 my self. u just need to have more confidence. is all.
-Ms Lydia @ 09-Aug-08, 21:53

Hang in there girl.. History's not that difficult in the exam.. Trust me.. Jia you..it'll be worth it! ;)
-Daddy Kerrie @ 02-Aug-08, 15:41

Haha sounds familiar. If there's anytime you think you can give it final strive, this is the time. Charge to your fullest and you will enjoy the result of your hard work for sure. I will be leaving early morning on 6 sep. Jia you jia you.
-Ning @ 28-Aug-08, 12:57

If you'd ever nid support from being blown away by the wind, rmb, i'l always be behind you my Reaux collegues!! Miss ya all!
-Prof Sphinx @ 15-May-08, 23:10

...and the very scarce Valentine's messages that i get...

Daughter! Happy valentine's day to you too! Muakss!! Hehehe
-Daddy Kerrie @ 14-Feb-08, 22:55

Happy Valentine's day!! Let me giv u an extra big hug *hugs* hehe..hope u have a nice day! ;) lil sis
-JJ @ 14-Feb-08, 17:23

...and messages from the people who i have been parted from for the longest of time...

~Hey michelle its florence...i know dis is very suprising and random...but juz thought i'll interrupt ur study(u r rite?) N remind u of me...lol...so...hey again...

~Omg! good guess huh...i guess since dis year is an important year(academicly), u, the ever studious 1 wud b studying...hehehe...oh..haf u ever thought of studyn here in um...melbourne? Neways...my fat fingers has had a workout wif all this typing..can't wait 4 ur reply :)

~Darling..we're tops at arts n design...i think...lol...but really hope u'll come...oh weren't u planning 2 go 2 uk...betcha its way better..but melb... great place grt shops grt ppl grt education.,noo..batts low! I shud be melb ambassador!

~Noo!! Dats really not me! Twas christmas n we always(i hate dis most) dress up...unlike sis i rarely put on u know wat...in fact i'm like d tomboy...anyhoo i guarentee u'll luv it here...coz i'm here..lol

-Flo Lai in Melbourne, Australia.

how could i possibly delete all these? you say! how can? how CAN?!

and there are just these particular messages that have dominated my inbox the most i couldn't bring myself to delete - all from that same person who never cease to make me smile through her sarcasm:

~Ooh lindsay lohan is a lesbian!

~Glad i could help. Me and my team of hot nurses were honoured to be of service.

~Rabbits are overrated anyway. Go tell innocent children that santa doesn't exist. That'd satisfy your emotions. Mwahah.

~I'm your butt? Or is your butt waiting for you somewhere else? Did you do surgery? Gasp. No! Natural beauty is best!

~You're lucky to have a child like me who doesn't forget her roots. I admire me.

~What? I can't ask you anything present related coz it's not your bday? I'm hurrrt.

~Puts happy sticker on mummy's broken heart.

~Nay! Hath my eyes deceived me? Oh cruel fate! my own mother doth not heed my sincere words from the heart. Hark! Hearest the sad larks' song?
(yeah i find this literally too much. XD)

~I can't wait! Not seeing you for a day feels like three years have gone by! Ever so slowly, painfully. Emptiness fills my heart and drowns it in sorrow!
(sarcasm SO SO SO positive. XP)

~I don't have no firecrackers. And i'd get majorly killed if i tied them to any kid. Blow up someone for me over there ok?

...and lots more that i can't possibly find the space to put in here.

-Above messages sent by Char Tee.

haiyo, someone get me a phone with a memory stick already lah. if not, i won't be able to save more of these wonderful messages leh...


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Save them up all in a post in your blog like you just did. =P

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