28 September 2008

Settling in on a Sunday. New loves - incoming!

these are one of the very few sundays that i feel content.

we'll be having our raya holidays next week. more food to come! can't wait to dig into the freshly cooked spicy curry and heart-warming beef rendang. malay cuisine galore! : )

even so, my mind is consistently reminding me about studying for the papers that i will be taking the week after. the ones left on the list for me are moral education, pratical and theoratical arts, biology and chemistry. i'm not so worried about the first two papers but the latter two are the ones that i'm fussing about.

sigh there are times when i wish malaysian education didn't focus so much on the science subjects.

but anyway, i've been having fun discovering inspirational websites online. i never knew that there were so many blogsites of beautiful artwork from people overseas. i really should expand my view of artistic things if i want to pursue something of the artistic route in the future. hehe.

i've been dwelling in food blogsites too. they're not the very straight forward "come-you-must-try-this-new-food" type of blog but they're more of a food blogsite with personal touch. my current love would have to be Orangette. the layout's pretty awesome.

inspirational ideas from various design sites like design*sponge and three | square | design have inspired me quite a lot too for the past couple of days. the interior designs on design*sponge is pretty great too.

everyday websites which i've found online have been quite useful to me too. blogs from some everyday people like soulemama and simply photo are great. i find theie simplicity purely beautiful and comforting.

and i am loving this photographer. she is just a hidden talent that i must introduce to my readers. : )

mm-hmm all this inspiring have gotten me feeling really calm. hopefully they'll give you the same effect too, because it feels wonderful.

have a great day, ya'll.

signing out. : )

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Shella said...

I found a picture... and I think you might like it for "some reason", but I dunno how to send you the damn link! Hmm... My MSN kinda don't really work edi.