18 September 2008

Pay attention, Michelle.

i know only studying really really REALLY hard can save me now,

but seriously, why is it so HARD. T________________________________________T

all i can think about

is what i could do after finals, which college to sign up for,

what to wear for prom, what i should bring onto the stage,

and most importantly:

how to plan my delirious escape to Singapore.

(: ]

but right now,

i really need to learn how to focus because all this straying away from my book isn't helping at all.

meep! help! [ growls ]


ever since you introduced me to the song
it just keeps replaying in my head.


you don't know
how much i want to be
that one for you.

sing this song to me
one last time
so i know this song
will always be yours to me.

2 spilled milk:

tarotism said...

yeah same

Im thinking the same things too
except the college thing hehee

btw Im doing my mask... Ciao


Renee said...

me the same~ ou and thinking about my tv shows..duh~ haven start study yet eh..