27 September 2008

New Love - Peter Bradley Adams.

his soothing music and lovely voice was what stopped my thoughts on their tracks and listened. the lyrics that came from his voice was so beautiful and sad, for a moment i felt that the world was embracing me as i sat and took in the music.

peter grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and began playing classical piano when he was six. his parents found an old piano which had been salvaged from the wreckage of the old Tutweiler Hotel after it burned down. it had been used in the cocktail lounge and there were still drink stains on it. he loved playing that piano but loved even more hearing his grandfather play it. his grandfather was his first musical inspiration and had been a professional clarinet player in big bands as a young man. he also played piano by ear, and peter would crawl under the piano whenever he came to visit and listen to him play. peter would stick his head up by the sound board. no one else seemed to get how amazing the thing sounded when he played it. he has been playing music ever since.

peter dabbled in songwriting when he was kid, but always sang so no one else in the house could hear him. he studied music in college, went on to get a master's in composition and studied piano in Germany. after grad school, peter decided to move to Los Angeles to study film scoring and was soon writing music for television and films, some more rewarding than others - but his heart wasn't in it. so he finally reached the point where he had to listen to himself and write the music he wanted to write. he had to bail on the steady job and that's when he started to make records, first with eastmountainsouth, and then on his own.

peter bradley adams is set to release his second full-length solo record, "leavetaking" on August 5th, 2008 on sarathan records. the record is produced by peter and nashville producer / instrumentalist, lex price.

[ information courtesy of recording label site ]

while i was listening to peter's "always", it really made me feel better. the music fuses beautifully with the rhythm and it leaves the listeners feeling indulged and comfortable no matter how many times they listen to his music.

head on down to Peter's MySpace or his website for more information about him and his music.

or drop me a line if anyone's interested in sampling "always". : )

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