05 September 2008

Just your normal update.

okay so like i met this really awesome rising musician who's so totally interested in me and she said she likes my name and loves my voice and like she wants to sign me up with her record label and she will be coming over to malaysia to visit me and bring me over to LA and start working on our collaboration album...

... okay no i was just kidding.

did i get your attention there? okay good now you shall read my real blog update. hehe wtf yeah i know i am so lame.

i noticed that i haven't been literally writing about what's going on in my life. quite frankly i don't really know HOW to write it anymore. i've gotten so used to being really poetic in the ways i portrayed the things happening here that i forgot how it was like just writing in my blog as if i'm speaking to my readers directly.

i guess maybe it's because i know people would stop reading my blog if i wrote about my life in a 3000 word essay. hehe.

so what have i been up to. uhm. well actually there isn't anything to talk about because like whenever anyone asks me this question, the only answer i could come up with is "owh you know just facing my trial exams and dealing with SPM at the end of the year."

well it IS true that it's the only thing that occupies my mind nowadays until i finish SPM in december.

i went out with a friend earlier today and she talked about what i was going to do after SPM (yeah somehow people keep shooting this question at me. it's just so... TYPICAL to have people do that to you when you're about to sit for the finals in senior high.) to be frank i know where my passion lies but the fact remains that sometimes what you love to do doesn't exactly put the food on your table.

i'm just really concerned by this whole "do-what-you-love" and "work-towards-a-better-life" controversy.

but anyway, exams are proving to be a real pain in the butt. my results are literally just declining FAST. i'm just praying to get past this awful period. i DON'T want to have to keep thinking about how much my results would destroy my plans in getting into college earlier because i couldn't get better forecast results. : |

sometimes, i just need to believe in myself a little bit more.

like how today i bombarded griselda with questions about myself. when it comes down to it, i really have low self-esteem. it's just that most of the time i try to push the negative thoughts out of my head and love myself for who i am.

blagh this is INSANE.

okay i will stop here because people don't read long blog posts because they get tired of reading about what i have to say about my life when they don't even know me. hehe.


on a side note,

i think i am just REALLY interested in getting to know her better. like omg someone please help me.


another new musician added me on imeem! check out Laura Warshauer. her "December Nights" is tasty. : )

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tiff pan said...

lol i have a song called "October Nights." haha.it's the other name for the song called " can you hear me now?" yeah.: )

The Junkie said...
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Michellious said...

haha yeah i know october nights is like my favourite song of all time. : )

tarotism said...

is my posts affected your writing style?
Don't worry I will still read your post even it's 243567698795950 words kay?
Well, actually WE are sharing the same condition at this moment.

*dont worry, your time will come. just give her sometime.

hehee! XD

Jill said...

I actually feel like commenting cause you said we won't. nyeh! Neways, screw all that and take time off. Wahahhaha! =)