11 September 2008

Here it comes again.

the morning birds didn't sing their usual song today. i woke up feeling like something was wrong. something was different. something wasn't quite what it usually was. deep down inside i felt this certain swirl, like my soul was trying to tell me something that my mind couldn't remember.

i got up and washed up like any other morning. but there was still this tugging in my heart. somehow it felt like i knew what was coming, but thinking about it seemed bad enough, let alone facing it head-strong.

driving on the road seems a lot less interesting these couple of days. the sky was still dim and only a few cars drove sluggishly along the highway. like them, i wasn't in any mood to rush to school. i wish i didn't have to go at all.

upon reaching at the usual parking space, the radio started crooning plumb's "blush (only you)". i didn't want to get off the car. i wanted to just indulge in the music and indulge in that sinking feeling that i had ever since i woke up from bed today.

and i cried.

i stayed in there and tore my heart out. i wanted to bash on it so hard until my knuckles hurt and until i couldn't feel anything. why am i letting my emotions come between me and my life? i don't know. but somehow i knew i was getting too emotionally attached.

i want to end this feeling, this THING inside of me that isn't working with me properly.

teach me how to stop the heartache, because frankly i know it's not going to go away anytime soon.

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