20 September 2008


it's been almost 11 years since i've last stepped into the building.

the place seemed smaller than i remembered. i noticed the older parts of the dwelling had been replaced by the new, but the nostalgia of the whole place came flooding back to me like a wave of an ocean.

i dipped my finger into the bowl of water that was placed at the entrance and did the cross on myself. and i found a place and sat down.

the feeling that came rushing to my head felt oddly familiar and yet so wonderful. i wondered if it was a sign for me. were my instincts telling me that i've found my place? were my senses letting me know that i was where i belonged?

as i closed my eyes, i thought i felt a presence. it felt warmth. love. familiarity. peace.

and at that exact moment, tears of both joy and sadness filled my eyes and trickled down the sides of my cheeks.

have you ever felt that moment? because i have. and it is that kind of feeling that i can never put into words.

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