28 September 2008

Caption: Squiggly hearts.

with only a smile,

and heartful of hope.

6 spilled milk:

tiff pan said...

DUDE MICHELLE!!!! you are SOOOOOO SOOOO CUTE!!!!i love you, girl.how can anyone not love you so? oh btw, i didn't write the lyrics.it's from "the walk"-imogen heap.haha yeah the song just fits very well with the experience.i texted my friend, clearing things up.she says we should stay friends as well.

Michellious said...

hahaha am i THAT cute?! lol i just think its funny. heheh. but thanks for the comment. ^_^ it made me smile.

haha really? i thought you wrote the song. hehehe. the lyrics fit in so perfectly. it's insanely gorgeous. : )

Dan Ouji said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan Ouji said...

hey how's the little girl who's fallen helplessly for her *secret person*?

XD i'm such nosey prick!

tarotism said...

lolS HT hahaha
like this pic che'lle!!1


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