01 September 2008

Ayam bag from KK! (I am back from KK) + Trip photos.

and she's BACK from her family vay-kay! : )

i swear i can feel my body put on a few kilos, because DANG it was such a food-filled experience! XD my dad hasn't done this in YEARS and it feels really fun to have gone on that trip. so without further ado, MY JOURNEY! : )

First day

terminal tiga wtf. XD

getting ready to board.

i noticed that air asia sometimes tend to leave earlier than usual. we were expected to arrive at 10.30am... only to actually arrive at 9.40am. : )

spot the herbie without stripes!! XD

we were early so we couldn't check into our hotel first so dad decided to go on our food hunt immediately!! : )

Must-Visit #1: Wah Juan Coffee House

when we arrived, people were already SWARMING the place. we couldn't even get a decent seat in that crammed area if it weren't for an old retired police officer who let us share his table.

er. non halal.

people from around the area come squirming to Wah Juan just for their famous "Pork Chap". to be frank, theirs is WAY better than the ones in Miri. the meat is cooked till tenderised perfection and the flavours that are all soaked in the meat just comes flowing out as soon as you injest it! tre bien. : )

now you see it...

... now you don't! : )

after brunch, it's onto WARISAN SQUARE! : D

veda blu ice-cream is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.


mango tango and choreo (or something like that).

Must-Visit #2: Dott's


as many of you would know, i am very very very very VERY fussy when it comes to egg-tarts. the ones i've had back at home are either egg tarts with crusts thicker than the soles of my shoes or too little egg-filling.

but at DOTTS', the egg tarts are just DIVINE.

thin thin THIN and KRISPAY crust with THICK THICK THICK and JUICY egg-filling like OMG! ^_^ and standing at RM1.10 per pop, it's a huge bargain! : )

forgive my awful looking face. it's not because the egg tart ain't nice - it's just my sister who keeps taking bad pictures. hehehe.

and if you see any fish & co. outlets around and decide to skip it without even trying a plate of something-something, then you do NOT know what you're missing out on!

Must-Visit #3: FISH & CO.


the famous original fish and chips at fish & co.

Yogur Berry! ^_^

after loads of shopping and eating, it's time to check-in the hotel and have a little rest before we begin (yet again) our food hunt. : )

if you're looking for a cheap hotel to stay in, Kinabalu Daya is one great place to crash at. the price is alright and if you're not one who fusses about 7-star services then this is one hotel that's great for you. : ) situated in the heart of the city, it's easy for one to go around town too.

after a good nap, it's off again for more food hunting!! : )

Must-Visit #4: TwinSky Seafood Restaurant

people at TwinSky have been in the seafood restaurant buisness for over 20 years. if anyone were to know about seafood, they're the numero uno people on the list.

okay the way sabahans cook kangkung manis is slightly different from how we sarawakians do it because they only eat the stalks and not the leaves. but what the hey, their version ain't bad either! : )

pan-fried oyster with egg is tha SHIZNIT.

lobster cooked in butter.

some fish cooked in chicken essence.


ship propeller thingey at the side of the restaurant.

that thing iss effin' taller than half my height okay wtf i had to practically stand on a CHAIR to take this photo. lol.

The next morning

i is a fish wtf.

on the way to fishmarket.

my dad has this thing for visiting fish markets early in the morning. to him, looking around at the fresh fishes is like catching the world premiere of [insert title of whichever movie you love best]. hehheh. he was practically getting super excited just by looking at the fresh catches of the day.

out of his three daughters, only i would be crazy enough to get up at 5.30am to join him on his crazy fishy-pursuits. but i swear though, it's worth it because the seafood in KK is totally whack. there were even squids the size of my arms. yes i said ARMS. no joke.

them puffers are twice the size of my head.

my sisters and me mummy got ready around 7am so we headed down to our next destination.

Must-Visit #5: Kuo Man Cafe.

it's lucky we got here earlier this time. i've been here a couple of times a few years back and let me tell you, after 7.30am this place is jam-PACKED with hungry breakfast-goers.

famous for their fish balls and fish slices, kuo man has made their mark everywhere. they were even recommended by "Journey with Jason" of Astro Channel AEC.

fish balls and noodles.

after breakfast was check-out time! and then we went around for more visiting.

random photo 1

random photo 2

jap place next to the hotel where i bought lovely sweets for people back at home. yes that means you.

and then it's back to the airport!!

on my way back, i had one last indulgence:

my teman sejati wtf.

yeah i just had to get my dose of jodi. : )


my own catches of the whole vay-kay?

you know i love my wrist-accessories. : )

my japanese owl, PINGU! good for taking care of my health. : )

and my most-prized newly-owned possesion:

me new flip-flops.

: )

but then again i must say:
it sure is GREAT to be back home! : )

can't wait to see you guys soon! [ hugs ]

p/s i miss you.

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the quarantined monkey said...

aww glad you enjoyed your trip to kk! looking at the food and all the familiar places makes me miss it so much. did you know i lived in kk for about three years? haha, wah juan was a favourite.. i keep taking it for granted so i never really remember the name. we just refer to it as "the place at tanjung aru" :P

songs of a humpback is not very good, imho. :\ that was like, the third or fourth book i read by her, and by that time i was already quite use to her style of writing and portrayal that i was quite disappointed with humpback.. lol well i forgive her since it was her first book!

ps, love your buys! :D

tiff pan said...

all that food is making me HONNNNGRRRYYY (again).i just salvaged through my whole closet for food. sigh.i miss...good food.my classes start tomorrow.dang.wish you were here with me. wish i were home!!!!!: |