23 August 2008

No longer a rememberance.


it used to mean something to me.

0823 happened,

and it changed my life completely.

i am not proud of what happened that day and i regret what i did. i lost myself and what i stood for there and then,

but i have gained something that i couldn't have possibly gained in all the other experiences in my life.


a day that will stay with me forever,

but a day which i will no longer have to hang onto anymore.

"thanks for the memories,
even if they weren't so great."

-Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
by Fall Out Boy

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tiff pan said...

let me guess: past lover. (i was going to write "for most people" but then i thought, " i don't know what most people say because i am not most people.i am one person." ) so for me, i would have said "i am proud of what happened that day, but i regret it." don't know how that makes any sense, but that's the truth. past loves can be hard to forget, even after so many years.that's why we have to be extra careful when deciding who to give our hearts to.