23 August 2008

Must haves!! (kudos to Mstitch for the find)

okay so the delirious michelle hee has been "dying to tell someone" (as quoted from my facebook wall) about these songs that are just good good good. and knowing michelle, she has GREAT taste in music (yes bask in the love, m! ^_^), i gave them a go...

...and now i will blame michelle because i just can't WAIT till i finish downloading these so i can jam jam jam them into my iPod because they are so good good good!!

: )

i can't bear to just keep it inside so i'm spreading the love and sharing these lovely songs with ya'll, just as how michelle shared it with me. : )

thanks, m! see this is why i love you so much. : )


#1 Pricilla Ahn's "Boob Song"

i really really like this one because it makes me think of jane monheit singing in the summertime back in the 1960s. and the music and lyrics of ahn's boob song is so cute and hilarious!!! listening to this makes me giggle like mad! "i know you sense it, but you think about my boobs." funny funny squee! ^^ priscilla's got a good good good voice too. i'd TOTALLY recommend.

#2 Meiko's acoustic version of "Under My Bed"

SHE LOOKS LIKE ERIN DANIELS!!!!!!!!!!!! okay yeah but she's not erin so let's just cut to the chase before i go all erin-crazy. : ) meiko's music is really nice and i am LOVIN' this particular song. gotta give it a chance yo!

#3 Rilo Kiley's "Silver Lining"

this specific rilo kiley's song is stuck in my BRAIN man. the beats are just so funky it makes me want to DANCE! and you know that all good songs make you want to get up and shake it! : ) and p/s she is so pretty. ^^

#4 Stars' "Elevator Love Letter"

this song is so so so really really funky! me love!!

#5 Anna Nalick's "Breathe"

if you haven't heard of anna nalick's "breathe" yet, then you are missing out on SOOOOOO much. another must have!!! : )

#6 Feist's "1 2 3 4"

okay i know what you guys are thinking: WTF FEIST IS LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAST 65486751567561657654654 MONTHS AGO! dude, like i KNOW feist has been all "feisty" on the charts okay. i just needed to point out that not having this song on your music player or iPod is like a SIN. a BIG. HUGE. S-I-N.


so i guess that wraps up the list of songs that the o' great m has recommended me. enjoy, people! hopefully you'll find these songs amazing.

i know i did. : D

once again i'd like to shout out to michelle for having such great taste in music!! i still wonder how you are able to find such unbelievable music on YouTube. : )

1 spilled milk:

michelle said...

heeeee i love you and our incredible taste in music. ♥

i couldn't find boob song anywhere so i ripped it. :) lemme know if you want it. the quality is as good as the youtube vids!

i'm STILL trying to find meiko's album. :( ughhh this is so annoying! i can't find it anywhere!

rilo kiley gets to you right? haha it was playing for sooo long on repeat.