29 August 2008

Musicians on the run.

so i find it literally interesting that fresh new artists tend to add me to their friends list on imeem. not saying that they're the least interested or anything, but somehow i don't understand how that is possible.

but my point is, i find it really great because i get to listen to some great music from people who have great talent rather then listening to "the top 10 hits" or something like everyone else does.

so just earlier today i checked my imeem and found two friend requests: one from a certain julie kember and another from rachael sage.

check em out because they're not bad at all. : )

if you like music like kelly clarkson's, then julie's music is definitely your type of music:

Crazy - Julie Kember

if you're a plumb fan, then maybe rachael's more your taste:

Vertigo - Rachael Sage

but they both sound delicious to me. : )

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Brian said...

That's a cool song, "Je Te Promet". Since I don't understand french, it automatically sounds twice as sexy as it would in English. lol...

Anyway. I too recently was contacted by Rachael Sage, and so I decided to interview her for my blog, on her career development. She's definitely a committed artist and has done a lot to build a respectable career. You might find this interesting:

Rachael Sage Interview