08 August 2008

Kev Jumba vs. Happy Slip.

first i'd like to proclaim

that even if i may not be crazy-head-over-heels about Kev Jumba,

but i do admit that he is VERY cute. XD *snicker

[ yes, notice i disabled the comments. kurt, lynette and whoever i said i don't like kev jumba to, you know what NOT to do. hehheh. ]

on a side note: I SUPER LOVE HAPPY SLIP *even though her self-made videos make her look a little loony*!!!!

this is happy slip, on her video "Chill Pill". people who know me would know i'd DEFINITELY relate to this video. ; D

yes, the rest of you bask in kev jumba's comedy while i bask in happy slip's. sounds fair? okay. : )