21 August 2008

In peace with Him.

to the one who still strived until the very last hour.

you're life on earth may have been short but at least it was the greatest that any pup could ask for, with the best pet owner you can ever belong to. she loved you, and still do even when you've left. we'll miss you, G. i may not have been close to you, but i know that you have brought so much joy to the lives of those around me.

thank you, for being a part of us.

although you will no longer be around to put a smile onto our faces, so long as we remember you, your presence will exist forever.

may you rest in peace, G.


2 spilled milk:

tarotism said...

bless her with all your care, Father. G, we love you.


Bevee said...

I love her too!