24 August 2008

I want to go. *cries

dude sometimes i so dislike staying in east malaysia because all these hip rockers only hold concerts in the west.




on the side note, sometimes i really don't understand why people would go to such lengths. first beyonce. then gwen. now THIS?! like omGGGGGGGGG would you just LOOSEN UP?!?!?!?!?!

geez. : (

this is the reason why we sometimes have to break the limits and buy plane tickets to fly off to the US to watch them. it's just music lah. like COME ON.

okay i'm not gonna elaborate. i might just get sued if i did. lol.

hahaha and you know what? i KNEW that my most loved rant-blogger FireAngel would definitely write something out about this. : )

Avril, Don’t Avril.
August 20th, 2008

I really don’t give a rat’s ass if Avril comes or not but why WHY WHY WHY is it SO HARD for the authorities to grow some fucking balls and spine, MAKE a decision from the get go and then STAND by it?

Does anybody have any fucking clue how bloody ridiculous it is to see this kind of stupid inconsistent headlines every other day?

Avril set to rock KL on Aug 29
PAS Youth wants Avril show cancelled
PAS Youth slammed for calling for ban on show
Groups slam call to ban concert
Poser over Canadian rocker Avril’s concert
Support for Avril concert
Avril concert definitely on, say organisers

And surprise surprise:

Malaysia cancels ‘too sexy’ Avril Lavigne concert

….. and that headline is not even from any of our local paper’s websites.

“It’s not good for viewers in Malaysia. We don’t want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models.”

As if ALL our local acts are clean, good role models. What The Fuck.

Obviously every single international paper and publication WILL take this opportunity to pounce on it and once again our beloved tanah tumpah darah kita is made an international laughing stock. Over such a stupid trivial issue. Kita Memang Boleh.

yeah this is why i love fireangel. : )

[comments off, just in case some people decide to bash me online for the above said comment.]