08 August 2008

I found something today.

A bouncy and cute child who is very huggable. She has a talent for acting which serves her well in social arenas. Michelle has a very strange fascination with teachers. She makes friends with them. I find that rather jeepery creepery. She loves her teachers. To the best of my knowledge, Michelle wants to do law but doesn't want to take up debate. I find this planning a tad off. Other than that, Michelle is understanding and consoling with friends of hers who are feeling down. She also speaks cute. Michelle sometimes goes into stages of hyperactivity but usually stays passively serious. I deduce this to be due to problems that befall her. From this we can also see that she is a strong individual. I have also had the honour of being stared at incredulously by her for combining with Charlene to form a class A act of toddler-ishness. Michelle also excels in sincerity. She is an affectionate child who always remembers those that she loves. Michelle is also an expert in making friends.


this was written to me like 3 years ago, back in 2005. can't believe i still have it though. doesn't hurt to be reminded once in a while how loved i was. i'm keeping this document. XD