16 August 2008

I can so relate.

yeah okay another video of kaki [because you guys know i so love her]. not really much to watch because it's sort of like a documentary about her making her album "dreaming of revenge".

i can totally understand what she's saying in there because honestly i don't really express myself lyrically as much either. there are parts of her where she sings and frankly, even though she said she didn't feel the singing, i really love and adore the way she sings it and her lyics are so wonderfully pretty and dark.

i mean, lyrics like this makes me feel like she's singing what i want to sing about:
you said "i'll see you in december"
that's not long enough for me
you put a note in my pocket
that said to take care of me

omg. the lyrics are running in my veins now.

i. love. kaki. king.

smiles so wide please.

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