26 August 2008

Heaven to my ears!

recently i've been in an absolute mood for listening to and playing music.

and today i finished downloading these!!!!

"Under The Blacklight" - Rilo Kiley


"The Script EP" - The Script

rilo kiley is SO SO SO GOOD. their beats are so friggin' 'jivey', it's impossible to not dance to the songs!! RK's as delicious as evaaaaah! and i SUPER LOVE THE SCRIPT!!!! their single "We Cry" is perfect. i've been singing to it over and over! : )

i've been in such a musical mood, it's all i could think about when i go to sleep and when i wake up in the morn. ^_____________________________^

[ image source: http://www.livebrum.co.uk/ ]

2 spilled milk:

tarotism said...


the script's songs have been in my Ipod for weeks after MTV Asia Awards ler... You should ask me ma then we can high together lolSSS

Enjoy yea

I'm not MOVIIIINGGG!!! YEA!!!!

Josh said...

Hey, I don't mind you linking directly to my images but it would be nice if you'd link to the site itself too ;-)