03 August 2008

Emo issue(?)

recently i keep getting email notifications about readers leaving comments on my posts... OLD posts, that is.

i keep wondering why people comment on my old posts and not my new posts. the three posts that people kept commenting on in particular are "Favourite Guilty Pleasure of All Time" (5 anonymous hits), "Erin Kelly" (4 anonymous hits) and "I'm so Emo, I'll spread the love" (3 anonymous hits).

somehow i find it funny that people would comment on that last particular post because it's just basically a picture that says "how emo are you?" with a link to a quiz. but people are starting to debate about the emo issue.

Anonymous said...
yeah, i know i'm emo. i have jet-black hair hair with barbie-blonde highlites. i wear so many bracelets cause i have so many cuts to cover. check my ipod, there isn't one song that wouldn't be classified as 'emo'. my parents kicked me out cause i pierced my lip, dyed my hair and got blood on my carpet. but i told them that it's not my falt i'm alone, it's everyone else's.

June 27, 2008 11:27 AM


bigbad writer said...
hey you
ya anonymous
im not emo
but am a vivid writer
i sometimes go to sites like these
and check out some skilled pathetic fakes
calling themselves emo
when they dont even understand the label theyve given themselves
i wear black!
ive got 5 gazillion peircins
and i got a few papercuts
i live wid my aunt cs at home my mom and dad cant live wid me
but you know wat
im not emo
hell know
ya you read my shit and youll wail like a mother who woke up and realise she suffocated her baby to death
i can describe emos
once you turn one
you died and woke up in black hell
ye black
cs the original one was red
you bleed evrywhere
you cant cry normally
u cry blood
you walk arnd strangers
findin them strange
"why they so happy"
cs their dad didnt screw their sister and they popped out
they didnt go in juvenille cs their friend gave them a gun which shot some random kid theyve god dam never seen
o knw
they think of divorces and boyfriends and losin their hse
no you emos .. thats heaven for you
am i ryt?
so you anonymous dude
go suck sometin
before labelin yourself an empty soul
trapped in black-yes BLACK!- hell

July 28, 2008 11:23 PM


Anonymous said...

I have an Emo friend. She is really nice and kind. And for all you people who think that all Emo's cut, they don't. Not all of them. Some people think they are Emo's just because they have a couple of T-shirts that are black. Well, you are not Emo's!
Some people have a reason to be like that. Most don't. Emo is a type of music that people that like rock listen to. I like rock and a bit of Emo. I'm not an Emo, but I have reasons to be that I really don't want to descuss. Emo's should NOT be picked on. When you get to know them, they listen to your problems and make really good friends. So what if they cry sometimes!? Everyone needs to cry sometimes...It's human. AND THEY DO NOT CRY BLOOD! I hate it how non-Emo's say that Emo's are stupid and cry blood.

August 3, 2008 3:35 AM


hmm. fascinating. : /

2 spilled milk:

Anonymous said...

Umm.. Hmmms. Society must suck more than I thought if people like "bigbad writer" just use their time to put down others. Just accept that people are different to you, you ignorant fuck. Oh, and check out my blog whom I share with my friend, if you like : )

Michellious said...

hello again, B-Shmack, Tashie-Mashie andd Bobb! (hahaha i like this name)

yeah i checked out your blog, kindda fun! XD love the playground post. ^^