29 July 2008

Ponder ponder ponder.

[ picture deleted due to strict copyrighted causes ]

i tried sleeping this afternoon, but i couldn't.

flipping over and lying on my back, i stared outside the window. the rainy days have apparently ended, the skies turning cloudless and blue. it was hot and humind. i turned and looked straight ahead, trying to focus on the fan that was rotating slowly above me.

i turned back onto my stomach again, and this time i ran my fingers along the fine line of the linen bedsheet. a warm wind blew, dancing through the trees as the leaves whispered soft murmurs of secrets into their non-existent ears.

then flashbacks.

this time, they were the memories from way back in time.

i thought i recycled them.

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Ben Jamieson said...

Hi there. While I'm flattered to see my work being used around the world, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use my photos without at least asking me and crediting them properly.


Ben Jamieson