26 July 2008


birthday beads, a belated gift from Penang.
much love from K.

you don't know how much i want to thank you for bringing so much giggles into my life. i have never met anyone who could thunder up a laughter like yours, but it's one of the little things that could easily make me smile again, even when i'm hurting all over.

: )

frankly, i really wish you didn't have to go back.

i'm couting down the days until november,
i don't want to have to go through another one of those "I-Miss-You" days.

langsat hunt!! hahaha. ; )


i'm missing you already. [ hugs ]

2 spilled milk:

JaN said...

Kinda sad when a good friend has to be away kan =(

Michellious said...

yeah totally. it's really sad to have them leave to another place and you can't see them as often anymore... T__________T