23 July 2008

Boosting my smile.

the pain started to strike at me again later today.

usually i would start to wilt and wither away in the corner and make everyone leave me alone, but somehow He gave me a few surprises packed into my day today that made me unable to not feel better.

the letter from jazz.

i've been waiting for jazzie's letter for MONTHS now. you can just imagine how big i was smiling when i saw her handwriting on an envelope in the pile of letters i got today. her card and her letter made me feel her presence inside of me once more, and i couldn't help but plaster a silly smile on my face.

and the little handmade paper turtle only made me giggle further. ^^

the unmistakable handwriting.

the minute i saw this red envelope, my heart skipped a beat because i knew who it was from.

the card.

and her cards are always as beautiful as ever.

what was inside.

you could just imagine my shock when i opened the card and saw a huge photo of myself inside! XD nonetheless, the card is (as always) filled with the sweetest messages that made me smile wider at every word that i read. ^^

my song.

and i can't tell you how honoured i am to have a song written for me from the grand master herself. : )

the wall-e story, adapted by Tiffo.

tiff was so nice to adapt the story from wall-e and made it into a short story about us. : )

[ click on pictures to enlarge and read the short story line she wrote for me. : ) ]

scene 1.

scene 2.

scene 3.

how can you not love someone so sweet??? i can just feel the slightest sign of diabetes coming on. : D

dedicated to michellious aka nur fatehah (yeah no using that against me hahaha), proudly presented by cikgu penny!

mdm penny was so nice to remember my birthday. : ) even if the present was belated, i really love the sarong she got for me!!! it's really nice~ i've always wanted one. thanks cikgu penny!!

how can i possibly pull a long face when there are people out there who loves me?

i simple can't. : )

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